Monday, November 17, 2014

Scholarships for College Bound Students with Hearing Loss

College is expensive! Working with several students who have transitioned from high school to college has made that clear. Luckily there are many scholarships specifically for students with hearing loss. Below are links to scholarships that I’ve gathered over the years. I share these with my high school seniors (and often help them fill out the applications) and I encourage you to share them with your students as well. Many have deadlines in the next few months so let’s pass them along!

Caroline A. Yale Alumni Scholarship
This scholarship is specifically for Clarke School alums. Any student who attended any Clarke program for at least one year is eligible!

Helen Fleming Scholarship
This is a scholarship for students with hearing loss who live in Massachusetts. Below is the link to the 2014 version but students can contact the committee for the 2015 application.

Hamilton Relay Scholarship
This is another opportunity for students who live in Massachusetts.

Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation Scholarships
For students with a minimum 50dB bilateral hearing loss.

Minnie Pearl Scholarship Program
For students with a severe-profound bilateral hearing loss.

Sertoma’s Scholarships for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing
For students with a minimum 40dB bilateral hearing loss.

Graeme Clarke Scholarship
This scholarship is open to Cochlear Nucleus® implant recipients.

Travelers Protective Association of America

AG Bell
For students with pre-lingual bilateral moderate-profound hearing loss.

Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship
For students with any disability who plan to major in a technology related field.


  1. This scholarship opportunity is really neat because everyone deserves a chance to go to school. School can be really expensive for someone with hearing loss. I wonder how much extra do they have to pay for school stuff.

    1. Travis,
      Many of my students have been able to receive decent financial aid / scholarship packages depending on the schools they choose. In my experience transitioning students from high school to college, with good grades and through conversations with the financial and and disability offices, they can do pretty well. Massachusetts also offers financial support for students with hearing loss who choose to attend a state college through Mass Rehab.We've been able to get FM, captioning, and CART for students at most colleges as well!

  2. This list of Scholarships in india is very valuable for students, i want to say & all students get & share this valuable information. Help yourself & others.