Monday, January 12, 2015

Mainstream News Available Online

Clarke's newsletter, Mainstream News,is now accessible online and free of charge thanks to sponsorship from our friends at Oticon Pediatrics. The Winter 2015 issue is now available, along with the Fall 2014 newsletter and those from the 2013-2014 school year. 

Mainstream News offers timely, practical articles to help professionals and parents provide students with effective support and access in mainstream educational settings. We are also committed to introducing our readers to role models who inspire, encourage and celebrate all that is possible for students with hearing loss. 
We are thrilled to offer this publication online so that it may reach school professionals and families far and wide. Be sure to sign up to receive email alerts when each new issue is posted online!

A Few Highlights from Our Winter 2015 Issue:

  • Learn why students with hearing loss need opportunities to recharge after periods of intense listening. Our lead article offers simple ways to incorporate breaks for students across the grades.
  • Meet a dynamic group of students from Hampshire Regional High School in Westhampton, MA. These students explained to school administrators the challenge of accessing public address announcements. As a result, they started this school year with a new system in place that improves access to announcements for all students at the school.
  • Our fifth-grade friend, Wil, returns for another installment of his "Dear Wil" column. This time around he responds thoughtfully to students who asked about managing communication and hearing aids at a pool party and during sports activities.
  • Does your student have a pass-around microphone as part of his or her FM system? Are you considering adding one? The final article in this issue answers frequently asked questions to help school teams make the most of this technology.

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